Do We Know the Facts about E-Cigs?

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Most people have some sort of opinion about e-cigs. They may hate them and think they are a public menace, or they may love them and wish everyone would switch from smoking to vaping. It seems like fewer and fewer people are somewhere in between, as the battle over vaping regulations continues in countries all over the world.

This isn’t a new product. It has been around for years now, but it is often treated like something that no one really knows all that much about. That attitude comes from the lack of long-term studies on e-cigs. You see, when you compare the research on cigarettes to e-cigs, you will see a vast difference. Cigarettes have been meticulously studied for decades, and we know a lot more about them. However, there are still some things we don’t fully understand about cigarettes, and when you realize that, you realize that we still have a long way to go with e-cigs.

Yes, there have been countless studies performed on both cigarettes and e-cigs and their effects on people. We do know a lot about them, but do we have accurate information? Do we have a long-term evidence that gives us the real truth about e-cigs or are we just guessing and extrapolating from what we know to form a long-term picture?

The truth is that we have to be careful about jumping to conclusions about any long-term effects related to vaping. There simply hasn’t been a reliable study performed yet that could measure the long-term effects, since they haven’t been studied that long.

There is also a lot we don’t know about how e-cig liquid affect the user or the people around them. Now, vaping enthusiasts will be quick to say that there is no discernible danger to the bystanders and little danger to the user. Of course, those on the other side of the proverbial fence will be equally quick to speak, and they will say that a decrease in risk from cigarettes is still a risk and that vaping is a danger to everyone and not just the user.

The problem with both of these views is that they are not always grounded in fact. Even the scientists can’t agree on the effects of vaping, in some cases, and the verdict is still out on a lot of things we think we know about them. Some people can remember back far enough to when cigarettes were seen as something healthy to use. There were advertisements for them everywhere. They were sent in care packages to enlisted personnel overseas. Even some doctors recommended them for treating a variety of illnesses.

Now, if you take a look at the tobacco industry today, you can see that it is tightly regulated, and that smoking is seen as something that is very dangerous and eventually fatal.

Vaping doesn’t share that stigma entirely just yet. Some people see it that way, but then there are those who see it from the extreme opposite angle. It’s not wise to fall on either side of that philosophical fence, because there is danger in both extreme points of view. It’s better to take a careful and measured approach and consider that there are likely some dangers we don’t yet realize about vaping. Of course, there are likely some benefits to using e-cigs that we have not discovered yet either. It’s unwise to tout pros or cons we haven’t realized, though, and consumers need to exercise caution when they talk about e-cigs and the potential for benefits or risks. Simply put, we just don’t know for sure about a lot of things pertaining to e-cigs, and it’s best to take considered approach to dealing with them.